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On Friday, July 2nd, I'll be hosting the "Red, White and Blue Affair" in Commerce City at the Edelweiss Club, a well established German Club with a HUGE wood dance floor.

The Edelweiss Club is located at 6495 Monaco Street, Commerce City,CO, 80022.

(CLICK the below image to view it larger)

Last month we had 120 dancers for the first dance.
Many of you enjoyed the variety of dinners they served from their kitchen.
The portions were certainly generous and reasonably priced.
Wonder what they'll have this time.

There is ample parking, plenty of seats and the facility is fully Air Conditioned.

It's summer time so ties or suit coats are not required for men, June thru September.
Casual dress is acceptable for both men and ladies but please no shorts or t-shirts.

The Club opens at 6pm for dinner. You can also buy snack foods til 10pm.

We will have a pre dance lesson in Lead and Follow techniques taught by Tom Shor at 7pm.

Starting at  8pm, Mike Sangster and the Hot Toddy Band will play continuous dance music til 11pm.

We will have our Triple Waltz Mixer around 9pm.

Soledad and Tony are bringing their Fabulous Dressess to the Edelweiss Club for your shopping convience. I saw they had lots of new items when they were at the Colorado Country Convention last weekend, so you might wanta take a look.

Admission is only $10 per person for the pre dance lesson and three hours of dancing.

Discount Punch Cards will be available for $50 each for six dance admissions.
 ( 6 dance admissions for the price of 5..... It's a deal.)
My Punch Cards can be used at the Edelweiss and Kickers Clubs for ballroom dancing.

For a map or more information please click   tevedelweiss.org