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3 (demo page) Edelweiss Club Info

Web Demonstration Page For Dirk Carmichael, of Dragoon, AZ  (5/7/2012)

PURPOSE of This Page: The purpose of this page is to demonstrate to Dirk, how using a FREE blogger page such as this demo page -- makes it possible to EASILY access all his information.
CLICK HERE to view Dirk's layout info on MyLargescale.comCLICK HERE to view Dirk's custom diesel-building info on MyLargescale.coCLICK HERE to view Dirk's photos in a Flickr Photostream album
Additional Notes:
URL: The URL this demo page is . Dirk's page could be made at something like or similarOPTION 2:  Dirk could also register a "Domain Name" like  '' or similar, from a low-cost Registrar for around $10-$15 per year. we're in Pittsburg, Missouri today.
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Just adding something great.
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4 The Changing URL Problem

(This was a 2012 problem, hopefully fixed by now.

(2012 post)
The last page tab at the top labeled "4 Bad Link" should demonstrate the "Broken Tab" problem, because page URLs are CHANGING.

The original URL was", and it should have REMAINED at this same URL  -- if things were working right  (which they are NOT).

The tab is trying to go to this above URL, which gives a
 "Sorry, the page you were looking for in this blog does not exist. "
error -- because Blogger CHANGED the URL.


The URL is now

This happened because I changed the TITLE of the page, and Blogger INCORRECTLY changed the URL to match the new title.

This is creating a huge MESS -- because any LINKS from other external sites will be BROKEN as soon as I update a page.   Said another way, I DARE NOT update any of my blogs' pages, until Blogger fixes thi…