The Changing URL Problem

We're doing this tonight as demo.

Tab 4 should demonstrate the "Broken Tab" problem, because page URLs are CHANGING.

The original URL was", and it should have REMAINED at this same URL  -- if things were working right  (which they are NOT).

The tab is trying to go to this above URL, which gives a
 "Sorry, the page you were looking for in this blog does not exist. "
error -- because Blogger CHANGED the URL.


The URL is now

This happened because I changed the TITLE of the page, and Blogger INCORRECTLY changed the URL to match the new title.

This is creating a huge MESS -- because any LINKS from other external sites will be BROKEN as soon as I update a page.   Said another way, I DARE NOT update any of my blogs' pages, until Blogger fixes this problem.


This problem is discussed in the Blogger Product Form at this link:!msg/blogger/nJMZmW5sIZI/2dyk5JrWLnkJ

posted 7/27/2012, updated 7/29/2012