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3 (demo page) Edelweiss Club Info

Web Demonstration Page For Dirk Carmichael, of Dragoon, AZ  (5/7/2012)

PURPOSE of This Page: The purpose of this page is to demonstrate to Dirk, how using a FREE blogger page such as this demo page -- makes it possible to EASILY access all his information.
CLICK HERE to view Dirk's layout info on MyLargescale.comCLICK HERE to view Dirk's custom diesel-building info on MyLargescale.coCLICK HERE to view Dirk's photos in a Flickr Photostream album
Additional Notes:
URL: The URL this demo page is . Dirk's page could be made at something like or similarOPTION 2:  Dirk could also register a "Domain Name" like  '' or similar, from a low-cost Registrar for around $10-$15 per year. we're in Pittsburg, Missouri today.
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